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5 daily rituals that promise your superior success

Updated: May 26, 2020

Do you feel this COVID-19 pandemic turned you lazy? Are you thinking that you have become non-productive during the lockdown?

I will do this when I have more time..this is what I thought about fulfilling my wish. Now I have more time but I’m still not able to do it. Did you think like this during any of the past 30 days?

If you can relate to any of the above, I have good news for you. You are not alone.

95% of humans are like you

Don’t curse yourself that you are wasting the time demeaning yourself that you are not using this lockdown effectively. I promise you that more than 95% of us humans are thinking like you.

I get it that you need a solution for this...You want to be more productive, effective and at the same time want to do what you love during these times, right?

Without much ado, let us dive straight into the solutions.

Sculpt yourself

To become the most productive, effective, energetic and happy person in your daily life irrespective of lockdown or no, I will give you 5 daily rituals to sculpt yourself to your superior success.

Ritual 1

Daily morning exercise for 30 minutes

The great Robin Sharma in his famous book 5 AM club says that scientific research has proved that 30 minutes of walking, stretching, yoga or exercise as soon as you wake up will trigger the release of the chemical Endorphins, which interact with your brain’s receptors and gives you an active mind.

Is that not one stone, two mangoes? By doing this ritual both your body and mind become healthy and active.

Always remember Healthy body can only give you a healthy mind!

Ritual 2


Followed by 30 minutes of your Ritual 1, you can sit down in a relaxed posture and start doing mediation for 20 minutes.

Yogiraj Vedathiri Maharishi says that when you meditate continuously over a period of time your mind frequency comes to delta wave (1 to 3 Hz) which is complete silence.

When your mind frequency comes to delta wave which is also the frequency of the universe, you become one with the universe. At this stage, whatever your mind conceives will happen.

Ritual 3

Plan your day

Most of us neglect this ritual. Have a separate daily planning book for yourself. Take 30 minutes, think and plan your day. Have a combination of small and big tasks. Small tasks give you easy wins which release positive energy to your whole body to attack the bigger task at hand.

Above 3 rituals have to be done immediately after you wake up, one after the other. Below 2 rituals are to be done before sleep. Allocate 15 minutes of your time before going to bed for these two rituals.

Ritual 4


Take 5 minutes to thank the Universe which gave you this wonderful day. You may have had a bad day but you are still alive..even that’s a blessing by the Universe. Thank the Universe, people who helped you, the closest ones in your mind.

Ritual 5


You have planned your day in the morning, now it is time to reflect, how did you go about the plan during the day. Don’t do anything but just run your day in your mind, ten minutes before you sleep.

Post this reflection, go to sleep. Now your subconscious mind becomes active and slowly starts improving you from the next day.

It works for you to achieve your daily goals by making you more aware during the day. When you live your day full of consciousness, no one in this world can beat you.


Above are the 5 simple daily rituals that you can follow to improve yourself daily. All self-improvement books, yoga and science revolve around these basic rituals.

Take a look at the 5% of ultra-achievers in the world, you will come to know that they follow these rituals too.

So go ahead, follow these 5 daily rituals that promise your superior success. Will you?

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