• Sakthi Prasanna

How to become a fantastic content writer in 6 days?

Can you become a fantastic writer in 6 days?

I would say, yes!

(Before going further into this article, a disclaimer. This article addresses people who start their writing journey.)

There are a lot of you, who wanted to write but couldn’t do so as you were busy with your pressure-filled and no time life.

I was one of you. Then came lockdown...I did not want to miss this opportunity.

Some write for pleasure and some write for money. Both are available in plenty in writing, I realized.

I used all my knowledge in the past through Yoga, Self-help books and videos. I wanted to share my knowledge with others and at the same time start my journey as an ardent writer. I could achieve both when I wrote an article on 5 daily rituals that promise your superior success

You don’t need to be a great writer to start your writing journey, but you need to start at some point to become a great writer.

My push to starting to write came when I enrolled myself in a 6-day content writing course with Content Vidhya

There were writing assignments that I need to complete and that got me started. Each of the assignments is focused on improving your standard of writing at different levels.

If you starting your writing journey, start with what you know already and see how you can contribute your reader with your knowledge.

There are some interesting tools available to make your writing efficient, starting from crafting a powerful headline. Please use this tool to check how powerful is your headline -

The first two paragraphs that immediately follow after the headline should hook your reader. The reader should be compelled to read further after reading your headline and first two paragraphs.

Now let us focus on the body of the article. While writing the body of the content, ensure that you cover 5 W’s and an H. 5 W’s are who, when, what, why, where and the H is How?

Avoid long paragraphs, stick to 2 to 3 lines per paragraph. Please keep it simple and short.

Another great tool to check your grammar, punctuations and sentence construction is Grammarly (

Please always end your article with a bang of a conclusion. The conclusion should make the reader take a decision or take action. At the end of the article, your reader should feel that he was spent his time well reading your article.

Now that you have an idea of how basically to write an article, start your journey without any further delay. You might never know that when you start putting the pen into paper or fingers into your keyboard, a fantastic writer who was sleeping inside you so far will jump-start!

Post COVID-19, the digital industry is going to take prominence and the demand for good content and copywriters are going to be insurmountable. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity through where you can make a career out of writing or having a parallel income by writing, freelance.

If you decided to start your writing journey, don’t waste any more time. Make a start. Will you start writing from today?

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