• Sakthi Prasanna

My 2.0 version at 2023

In the year 2023, I'm heading the Marketing & Communication function of a global multinational SaaS organization in Chennai. I'm a Confident Leader and Expert in the field of Marketing, Communications and Public Relations. My career is very successful and exciting that I love working every day and exploring new things. I have created a lot of innovations and working excitedly to achieve more new innovations that will set new trends.

I have established a robust freelance career in Digital Marketing which provides me with a great income as much as I'm earning through my regular job.

I have a great time with my family every day. My daughter Prashvitha is 6 years old and Aarukrish is 5 years old are studying really well and growing as lovely and happy children. My wife is working as a teacher in their school and she has got a reputation as a great teacher in her school.

As a family, we are focussing on healthy living and we are living in complete love, health, peace, and harmony.

I take care of my parents really well. They are living a happy and peaceful life seeing the happy life that I and my younger brother are living with our families.

I meet my parents and younger brother's family with my wife and kids very often and we have a fun time together at the weekend.

I have a passion for serving the world. I execute my passion through teaching Vedathiri Maharishi's Kundalini Yoga to people. Through my teachings of Maharishi, people become empowered and they are living a happy and peaceful life and they are transferring their knowledge to others as well. I do social activities like planting trees and also work towards well being of animals. I contribute to elderly and needy through my physical work and donation.

I'm a happy, healthy and successful person with a great family, living a love-filled, happy and peaceful life contributing to the world. Vazhga Valamudan.

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