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Race your Digital PR and Digital Marketing transition

Updated: May 26, 2020

Business or individual, don't be that frog, it's boiling!

Tamil Nadu has announced the extension of the lockdown till May 31st. Other states in the country are also following suit. There is confusion in everyone's mind that how will this situation pan out for them in the future.

We don't have control on the above as everyone knows it. What we have control is what we can do with the present situation in hand.

I'm from a Marketing & Communication background and I can talk about what businesses and individuals can do in this ongoing crisis.

Let's talk about businesses first as it will give also guidance to individuals as well.

Business focus -

Digital Marketing & Digital PR are two horses businesses should ride on to keep the brand awareness and visibility going.

Revisit your quarter plan. What are the key elements in your quarter plan? Does the digital and social media part have prominence? If not, it is time to tell your agency to rework on the plan in cognisance to the times.

One thing you must always remember, tell the agency very clearly on what is the business objective of your organization for this quarter. For that, you as a client also need to be very clear on what your objective is.

Secondly, focus all your marketing efforts towards 'individualization'. What does it mean? Talk to every customer and prospect. How is this possible?

Think of this example from the Auto Industry. The manager of your dealership calling the customers to personally check if they need any guidance/support with their car. Customers can come up with various renewing car insurance, a query on a new model or simply how to keep his/her car in the right condition during the lockdown.

The manager can then connect the call with the right people and share the right resources online and solve the need of the customer, virtually. Imagine how it will feel for a customer? There are many ways to reach out to your individual customer/prospect marketing, social media platforms, etc. If sales are not viable now, the company can focus on engaging the customer in the right way.

Media interviews through podcast/video, case studies/white papers through blogs, employee engagement mailers, online training, regular calls with your customers, etc are some of the key elements businesses should focus too.

Individual focus -

Enough has been said about upgrading your skillsets during the lockdown. During normal days, you would have been thinking that someday I should learn and master Digital/Social media skills. Well, now, there is no other alternative way. In front of our eyes, we can see the importance of the Traditional PR approach diminishing!

Post lockdown, still clients will be saying I want coverage in the print version of The Hindu/Economic Times, but if you have learnt digital, you will be able to provide additional digital and social media recommendations to him and will add more value to your servicing.

Take, for example, you get coverage in The Hindu Metro Plus of a Chennai based restaurant. You will be happy and share the same with your client and probably post it in their social media pages as well.

Imagine if you can suggest to your client that you can create an emailer through Mail chimp with nice creative and content for the coverage and share that with the prospects and existing customers of the client's database. You can also promote your social media coverage post through demographic options in their social media post.

Not only this, if you have learnt SEO, you will start writing articles with keywords to enhance the visibility of the content. At one go, you will be PR-Digital-Social Media expert. Most of the clients today have three different resources for these requirements. If you are that one resource providing all the above, imagine what will be your value?

As I said before, both businesses and individuals should not be the frog that is cooling its heels in the water during this break. This break is actually that water which is getting boiled underneath. Be always present about what is happening around you and jump out as soon as you can.

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