• Sakthi Prasanna

Welcome serene and tranquil into your life

Imagine a world without stress and fret

No place for anxiety and you are always free

That’s the life you’re gonna get

When the phones and internet die

When this will become a reality

Take my fortune as price, I won’t cry

I want to live with total freedom and peace as a possibility

That happens when phone and internet disappear for eternity


Those days were better! As a 90’s kid, I’m proud that I lived those days when there were no mobile and internet. Like, everyone, I had very few choices and when I experience those little choices, it was heaven!

Today, I, you and everyone are spoilt for choices, leaving us confused. Those days of no mobile and internet where we lived with more clarity, sadly will never come back again!

But I did not lose hope. I prayed the almighty and I begged Him to give a life free of worry, anxiety, confusion and rush. I want to live with a free mind with crystal clarity so that I can lead a simple life and serve people how much ever I can.

God heard me. He blessed me. I took a bold decision.

I scouted for a location closer to nature where I can start a living which is far distant from human interference.

I wrote off my wealth to my son and daughter who are settled and busy with their lives. Told my wife about the decision I have taken to live alone, closer to nature without any gadgets. She readily agreed to come with me realizing that we will have more ‘our’ times together.

We took a few essentials, went to the bliss spot, created our wooden house and started living with serenity and tranquility in our lives.

Do you like our new house?

Woww..what a bliss! I’m loving this life with total freedom in my mind and nothing to worry. I started to enjoy my life, again.

Now I’m 60, I recommend you to welcome serene and tranquil into your life as your own way. It will be worthy of your lifetime.

I live in the present and now; but phone and Internet are dead for me, forever.

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